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Hard Rain Info

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At the start of the campaign, Virgil drops off the Survivors, with a mission to find and bring back gas for his boat. When they get off the boat and it rides away, the Survivors realize they had forgotten to bring any weapons with them, causing them to start the campaign with only pistols. They find a gas station, but it turns out to be empty, forcing them to walk 2 miles to the next gas station "Ducatel Diesel". To get to the gas station, they must travel through old sugar mill of the Ducatel sugar company and the company sugarcane fields. However, this is easier said than done, because Witches are naturally attracted to the smell of sugar. Once they have gasoline, it starts pouring down rain, forcing them to travel back to the dock in knee deep water while carrying the gas canisters on their backs. When they finally reach the docks to signal Virgil, they realize they have forgotten the gun bag, which contained the flare guns necessary to signal the boat. They climb to the roof of a nearby Burger Tank and turn on the sign, using it as the signal instead.

This campaign's Uncommon Common are the Worker Infected, that can take more damage and are not attracted to pipe bombs.

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